Louisa Elderton

Louisa Elderton is a writer and editor based in Berlin. She was the Curatorial Editor at Gropius Bau, and is currently Managing Editor of ICI Berlin Press.

From Rhea Dillon’s Toni Morrison-inspired solo show to a group exhibition of contemporary painting, Louisa Elderton picks her highlights from the German capital

BY Louisa Elderton | 26 APR 23

The British sculptor who raised the humble to the monumental is honoured by former students and colleagues

The Austrian art festival creatively rethinks ways of exhibition-making during a pandemic with a collection of commissioned TV shows

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 NOV 20

With the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, an exhibition at Leipzig’s GfZK sheds light on the aftermath of the tragedy

BY Louisa Elderton | 03 SEP 19

The Belgrade-born sculptor developed a language that acknowledged a world in flux

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 AUG 19

A tactile show in Berlin of the California-based painter refreshes colour-field abstraction for our digital age of infinite screen time

BY Louisa Elderton | 17 APR 19

The London-based sculptor’s new show at Kunstverein München delves into the queasy malleability of bodies

BY Louisa Elderton | 19 MAR 19

‘Compass: MCA Collection’ at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art focused on both what it means to be a black person and a woman in Australia

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 FEB 19

A report from the 7th instalment of Denmark’s Socle du Monde Biennale: ‘to challenge the Earth, the Moon, the Sun & the Stars’

BY Louisa Elderton | 04 MAY 17

Galerie Neu, Berlin, Germany

BY Louisa Elderton | 12 OCT 16

Real Fine Arts, Brooklyn, USA

BY Louisa Elderton | 07 JUN 16

Sexauer, Berlin, Germany

BY Louisa Elderton | 01 APR 16

Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia

BY Louisa Elderton | 19 FEB 16

Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany

BY Louisa Elderton | 21 OCT 15

Modern Art, London, UK

BY Louisa Elderton | 21 OCT 15

Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

BY Louisa Elderton | 18 AUG 15

Galleria Lorcan O'Neill, Rome, Italy

BY Louisa Elderton | 09 JUN 14

Adham Faramawy’s solo show at Cell Project Space – his first since graduating from London’s Royal Academy Schools last year – depicted liquid luxury

BY Louisa Elderton | 18 MAR 14