Eliel Jones

Eliel Jones is a writer and curator based in London, UK. 

Ahead of this year’s parliamentary elections, recent cases of censorship and aggression suggest a worrying trend

BY Eliel Jones | 06 JUN 19

Four days of screenings, performances and talks at ‘Al-Qamar, Al Qamar’ in Jordan, on the edge of the Arabian desert

BY Eliel Jones | 03 MAY 19

The artist’s new show at Triangle, Marseille, explores mobility and its limitations

BY Eliel Jones | 03 APR 19

The artist’s new film explores unprecedented levels of intimacy and empathy with its subjects

BY Eliel Jones | 22 FEB 19

An exhibition at Auto Italia, London, shows the artist group's belief in the potential of visual language to infiltrate public discourse

BY Eliel Jones | 07 NOV 18

The LA-based artist’s videos, sculptures and photographs frame public drinking as an issue of gender, race and class

BY Eliel Jones | 22 AUG 18

An exhibition of performances at Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw, unfolds the rituals of sexual encounters

BY Eliel Jones | 03 JUL 18